Cafcass are Corrupt

We are sickened by the following Facebook posts. Some of the reports are harrowing, and a War Criminal would be considered gentle in comparison. Their website belies what is happening in the towns of the UK. Justice, Truth and Honesty should be the watchwords for any Legal System, not just have an expensive game for some in our Legal Profession. Their antics waste Court Time that should be spent in serving the public, and not just the legal profession, as this is an abuse of scarce resources.


Cafcass are Corrupt

People and Services are expected to be professional not oppressive. See the Facebook link for how badly Cafcass are reported to be operating, and the lack of care for the best interests of the child, despite what the Ministry for Justice puts in writing to me about the Courts being Gender Neutral. I did write back some weeks ago but have had no response to my observations. The problem that they have is that they do not understand the resources I have; Shame on them.


There are a lot of decent Cafcass staff out there, but generally we only hear about the staff that seem to be uncaring and biased in formulating opinions, such as not listening to men who have been abused, and those men are now in fear of losing a child/children to an ex who has not got their best interests at heart. Cafcass opinions are formulated upon scant information and understanding. Witnesses have not been investigated and frequently their findings are based on outdated theories of attachment and the belief that only women can look after children. This viewpoint is sex discrimination and is therefore, by default, supported by the Legal Profession, and against men’s Human Rights and the Rights of Children.


We at will continue to make the case against such oppression and misuse of power and influence.


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