Coercive or Controlling Behaviour is a Crime

According to this from our Glorious Government only women and girls can suffer???


News story - Coercive or controlling behaviour now a crime


From: Home Office and Karen Bradley MP 
First published: 29 December 2015


Victims who would otherwise be subjected to sustained patterns of domestic abuse will be better protected under a new offence, which comes into force today.

Houses of Parliament

The government’s new coercive or controlling behaviour offence will mean victims who experience the type of behaviour that stops short of serious physical violence, but amounts to extreme psychological and emotional abuse, can bring their perpetrators to justice.


The offence will carry a maximum of 5 years’ imprisonment, a fine or both.


Minister for Preventing Abuse and Exploitation Karen Bradley said: 


“No one should live in fear of domestic abuse, which is why this government has made ending violence against women and girls a priority.


“Our new coercive or controlling behaviour offence will protect victims who would otherwise be subjected to sustained patterns of abuse that can lead to total control of their lives by the perpetrator.


“We are sending a clear message that it is wrong to violate the trust of those closest to you and that emotional and controlling abuse will not be tolerated.”


Referrals, prosecutions and the volume of convictions for domestic violence and abuse have risen to their highest ever levels.


The government is committed to supporting the police to bring offenders to justice and to ensure victims have the support they need to rebuild their lives.


Coercive or controlling behaviour does not relate to a single incident, it is a purposeful pattern of incidents that occur over time in order for one individual to exert power, control or coercion over another.


The new offence aims to close a gap in the law around patterns of coercive and controlling behaviour during a relationship between intimate partners, former partners who still live together, or family members.


This sends a clear message that it is wrong to violate the trust of those closest to you, providing better protection to victims experiencing continuous abuse and allowing for earlier identification, intervention and prevention.


I and all the other decent men in the UK are disgusted by the overt Sexism displayed in this Press Release.


The Government, with Ministers who make statements like this, are heading for a defeat in 2020. Any normal man, and those men who have been falsely accused and their families, will only vote for a Political Party that puts fairness at the centre of its policies. No wonder there is a breakdown in Society, aided by arrogance and insulting behaviour, and why men feel marginalised. She should not only apologise, but get that arrogant mindset out of the UK, and apologise to all the men for having been so insensitive. No wonder 4,700 men commit suicide each year when they are ignored by Ministers like her.