Men & Marginalisation of Men in 21st Century

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The Questions Asked:


1. Do you feel that men are represented enough according to the Serious Crimes Act 2015 Section 76, concerning coercive or controlling behaviour against them?


2. If you were subjected to abuse, coercion or controlling behaviour, did you register your complaint with the Police?

2a (If answered 'Yes' to question 2). When you registered your complaint with the Police, were you dealt with professionally?


2b (If answered 'Yes' to question 2). Did you feel that your complaint was followed up as a reported potential crime?

3. If you registered a complaint with Social Services about any child concerns, was it forensically followed up in a professional manner?


4. Do you believe that solicitors gave full help and guidance on all your options when dealing with the Divorce proceedings?

5. Did your solicitor advise you about Litigant in Person methods and McKenzie Friends?

6. Should there be ‘No Fault’ Divorces?

7. Should you be able to apply for a divorce or annulment within one month of marriage?

8. Were any accusations about you fully and professionally investigated by your solicitor?

9. Were any accusations about you fully and professionally investigated by Cafcass?

10. Were any accusations about you fully and professionally investigated by a Social Worker?

11. Were your written statements fully understood by the Judge?

12. Do you feel that the Judge was Gender Neutral?

13. Do you feel that your Solicitor was Gender Neutral?

14. Do you feel that the Cafcass Officer was Gender Neutral?

15. Do you feel that any Social Worker was Gender Neutral?

16. Do you feel that your wife was sympathetically biased towards?

17. Were you pleased with the Child Arrangement Order?

18. All things being safe and equal, do you agree with 50/50 Shared and Residential Parenting?

19. If child arrangements are broken, should your wife have punitive action taken against her?

20. If your wife breaks Child Arrangement Orders, and you could look after your children if the Court orders that you become the resident parent, could you?

21. Regarding Resident Parenting, do you believe that the child should live with the parent who can best look after and ensure the fulfillment of the social and developmental needs of the child?

22. Do you feel that men are biased against to be the Resident Parent?

23. In your own circumstances, do you feel that the best interests of your child were considered?

24. Do you feel that enough knowledge about Parental Alienation was evident in your ‘Experts’ Recommendations?

25. Was sufficient forensic and ‘Conduct’ evidence available for the Judge to make a balanced judgement for the child?

26. Was sufficient forensic and ‘Conduct’ evidence available for the Judge to make a balanced Judgement for Financial Arrangements?

27. Do you feel any ‘Experts’ were gender biased?

28. Do you believe that third party witnesses should be examined to be presented to a Judge, and to prevent miscarriages of justice with the detrimental effect on all concerned?

29. Were you satisfied with the Financial Arrangement as set down by the Court, Be Objective?

30. Do you feel that single mums should contribute (go to work) to be a single parent household?

31. Do you feel that the Courts make allowances for and recognise Gold Diggers?

32. Are secret Family Courts fit for purpose in the 21st Century?


33. Do you feel that secret Family Courts encourage the misuse of the Laws and guidance, as laid down?

34. Do you feel that the question of Secrecy ignores the holistic application of the Law?

35. If Family Courts were open, do you feel that spurious and false claims would be reduced?

36. Are Family courts in breach of the Equality Act of 2010 by placing children with mothers in 90% of cases, when a father, emotionally and developmentally, can equally be a stay-at-home father, and the mother return to the workplace to support the father and child?

37. Do you agree that women are believed in unproven spousal abuse accusations?

38. Do you agree that men are believed in spousal abuse accusations?

39. Should a mother be allowed to stop a child sharing time with the father, always assuming that there are no genuine safety issues or spurious safety issue allegations?

40. If you had carried out Due Diligence, would you have married the same person?



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