General Election 2020

In 2020 there will be a General Election, and a key question will be ...


Which Political Party will get the 4,000,000 votes that will be available from marginalised Fathers, their Parents, their Friends and Siblings, plus the Children that will be able to vote as young Adults that were victims of Parental Alienation, all because of biased Divorce Proceedings. What impact will these votes have on marginal seats?


We shall be advertising that:


From at least 2010, all Divorce Proceedings will be revisited, if requested, and the denial of punitive action against parents that practice Parental Alienation, both fathers and mothers, will be addressed by sensible, mature and common sense people helping with equal voices as adjudicators. The primary function is to seek and revise the principles of justice, not legal arguments that have been based on outdated Attachment Theories, mother focused biases and the denial of fair hearings for both fathers and mothers. Men are perfectly capable of looking after children for the same reasons as a woman can look after children, any argument against this is Sex Discrimination.


A Minister for Men and Boys to be appointed before the end of this Parliament, and co-operation sought with all other groups for fairness and equality where equal weight is for both sexes, to help a cohesive society and a family friendly environment in the UK, and not a disjointed society based on Dogmas and Mantras that are wheeled out by pressure groups to seek advantage over others.


Baby Crying, Vote for Gender Equality

With nearly 4,000,000 children being brought up in fatherless houses it is a sad indictment of where our society is at the moment. A domino effect will eventually destroy our society by polarising groups, and discord will progressively destroy the children, who are the future. This does not bode well for the future of this great country. We should ALL be working towards the common good, where care, co-operation, consideration and transparency are key to harmonious lives.



The locations with the most marginal seats are where political parties will be targeting to get your votes in the next General Election. If you live in any of these constituencies, then be sure to let the MPs know what you want, and the issues that will affect your voting decisions.