Gentlemen and YOUR Supporters

"There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune"

NOW is that time to announce who we are and what we seek ...

Simply:  Freedom, Equality and Fairness

I now ask that YOU start to help in the campaign to gain the above in the Secret Family Courts. Please follow the instructions below:


Find the relevant people you wish to invite to the Suffragents Convention; whether that be your MP, MEPChief of Constabulary, Police and Crime CommissionerDirector of Regional Social Services, Family Court Judges, Minister of Justice, The House of LordsEditors of Men's MagazinesNational Newspaper Editors, or anyone else you feel may be interested in attending.


(Please note, not all details on the these lists are fully completed, and being updated weekly, please come back again to send out your next round of invites).



Download the Cover Letter, save it to your computer, and open up the file. Add the recipients name, date it, place your own address on it (otherwise an MP will not consider it), sign it, and print your name. Print out the completed letter.


Print out the Invitation to the Suffragents Convention (best printed in landscape), and fold, as per the instructions below:

How to Fold Invitation
How to fold A4 sheet into quarters


Print out the Case Studies.


Print out the Image of the little boy, 'Mummy, Why can't I see my Daddy?' (best printed in landscape).


Place them all (4 items) in an A4 envelope (Big One).


Address the envelope, and send off (sorry about the Post Costs).



This is Phase One. You have to build awareness amongst those who can influence changes and attitudes in the law, and how those laws are interpreted by those that pass judgement on you.



Lastly, Everytime you post anything on Facebook, put on the post. Raising awareness is what it is about. When you talk to your friends and family, get them to visit the website. The more active the website, the more actively you talk about it, the greater the impact it will have. Remember, I can only, as a Campaign Leader, do so much, both physically and financially, but I do seek your personal involvement, and sometimes, for you to spend a very little on your cause.


For more information on the Suffragents Convention, visit the Convention page on our website.



Suffragents - Campaining for gender equality, legal justice for fathers and the recognition of domestic violence against men.