Jeremy Corbyn Not Supporting

Jeremy Corbyn does not believe in Shared Parenting and strengthening the child's rights to a relationship with their grandparents. He believes that the current arrangements as practised by our Secret Family Courts are acceptable.

1000s of men, and some women, totally disagree because the decision concerning the Resident Parent is made by the Courts on a ‘Balance of Probability’, and not upon forensic evidence. A man is deemed ‘Guilty’ unless he can prove his innocence from false allegations, he is not allowed to have a competent ability to counter false allegations. This is grossly unjust and not in the spirit of making the needs of a child/children paramount. The Courts do not do follow ups to prove that they were correct in their decisions, and men do not have the funds to fight, which is why they give up, and in many cases give up on life because of this cruel treatment. The needs of the children should come first, not the gender of the resident parent.

Jeremy Corbyn's Thoughts on Secret Family Courts