Letter to Prime Minister

This is a letter we have written to our Prime Minister expressing our distaste at how men are being marginalised in society and nearly 4,000,000 children are fatherless. This is not good for Society and its cohesion.


Dear Prime Minister


We were appalled to see the following site https://keighleydvs.wordpress.com/help-for-men/ promoting courses for men that are abusive in relationships. It does not talk about the 45% to 54% cases where men are victims of abuse in relationships. No mention of courses for women to attend and learn how to manage their abusive tendencies.


Can someone contact the varying authorities that are so sexist in their attitudes. Greenwich was another authority in the last few months that had a similar portrayal that only men can be the abusers.


No abuse is acceptable but promoting the idea that only men can be abusers will impact upon voting decisions in the next General Election. The country needs fairness and understanding for men. Over 4,700 men committed suicide in 2014 and many have given up on life because of marginalisation and the wrongs they feel have been perpetrated upon them. Consider the National Covenant with ex Forces who repeatedly write to me asking for advice or asking WHY?


We at www.suffragents.org are concerned with supporting men who feel so aggrieved that we are holding a Convention in Bedford on March 12th next year and all MPs, Heads of Social Services and Police Authorities are invited to understand how squashed men feel particularly in Divorce Cases and they just give up.


I have already written to the following MPs, Jeremy Hunt, Alistair Burt and Richard Fuller, but so far not even an acknowledgement. I know they are busy, but we all are.