Children and Grandparents in Divorce Cases

A Minister for Men and their Children and Grandparents.


Government to allocate funding for pre-marriage education about the consequences of marriage.


Child Benefits and Tax Credits to be proportional to fathers in shared parenting arrangements.


More emphasis to be placed on mediation and not confrontation, with reasonable expectations from the applicant, based upon contributions to the relationship, the family home and the running of it.


A right to a fair Trial in Family Courts, with witnesses and time opportunities for cross examination by the respondent as well as the applicant. The lack of a fair trial/hearing can impose up to a 20+ year sentence. The existence of Secret Family Courts is basically against Human Rights.

That European Convention on Human Rights are enforced as well as the Equality Act 2010 for the protection of all parties. In particular, Article 5 of the ECHR states:


“Spouses shall enjoy equality of rights and responsibilities of a private law character between them, and in their relations with their children, as to marriage, during marriage and in the event of its dissolution.”


Including the unalienable right to call to question the neutrality of the opinions of Expert Witnesses. If a wife cites unreasonable behaviour in her Divorce Application, then a husband has the right to defend himself. This obvious lack of opportunity drives some men to suicide.


Government funding for at least 40% ratio for Refuges for men and their children.


Strict Enforcement concerning Contact Orders, with Punitive Action.


Government to advertise, recognise, improve and provide more support for men who suffer from depression.


Review CMS activities that are unreasonable.

  • Their 20% surcharge is punitive. Stop the punitive charges made by this organisation. Men have enough difficulty in earning enough without the added stress that drives some to suicide.

  • CMS to deal in writing, not phone calls when challenged.


Government to carry out a causal study on the 4,700 male suicides to identify how many were as a result of marginalisation after a divorce. We estimate that 2,000 plus are as a result of Divorce Proceedings, based on population size and incidences in Australia of 21 per week.


The acceptance that Gold-Diggers should not be rewarded.

  • More criminal forensic/fact-finding to be carried out. To be dealt with in an expert fashion based on Total Transparency. Theft within marriage to be a criminal offence.

  • Non-contribution to a household to be factored into any ‘settlement’.


To ensure that Grandparents have a right in Law to contact with their grandchildren, including at least 15 days holiday per year. Grandparents to have a right to apply to the courts direct because of the importance of their contribution to the grandchildren and a cohesive society.


False and misleading allegations of abuse should be treated as a crime with the same level of forensic evidence required as in a criminal assault case. Men to be treated as innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt of allegations of abuse. After all, this is a life type sentence on the word of one person against another, without all the facts being explored, that allegedly happened behind closed doors.


Coercive and Controlling Behaviour to have equal recognition for a man as well as a woman. This Law is to be practised as Gender Neutral. Not as the Government Minister Karen Bradley MP and Women’s Groups have stated.


Stop pressure on fathers to go to Anger Management courses with threats of non contact. Investigate the motivations of those running these courses and the use of the Duluth Wheel as guidance to blame men only. Where are the courses for oppressive women?


The essence of any divorce is to have a clean break after 3 years from any financial settlement on a wife, but child maintenance to continue until the age of 18. To be Gender Neutral, and in the spirit of equality, both men and women have the ability to work, excluding any agreed child parenting.


Should a woman be granted Legal Aid, then a man should have the same equality of Legal Aid to prove his innocence.


To ensure that Fathers can be the Resident Parent irrespective of children’s ages. Stop the use of old fashioned child attachment orders and the attitude that only mothers know best. Approximately 90% of Resident Parent Orders are in favour of Mothers. This clearly demonstrates a gross gender bias against fathers.


Fathers to have the same rights as mothers on holidays, including taking children overseas for holidays up to 28 days, without seeking the resident parent’s permission. Fathers to have up to at least 15 days block holiday days at a time.


That Social Workers and CAFCASS Officers to be gender neutral trained.


Ensure that Contact Centres, supervised or not, are not a cost to a parent. It is a form of financial abuse and undue pressure due to the cost to fathers struggling with expenses associated with a divorce where they have no Legal Aid and now have to support his ex, any children and himself. This is contrary to a Right to Life in the EUHR and the rights of children.


Ensure that Parental Alienation is recognised by our Legal System.


If an ex partner who is in receipt of maintenance and who has the children, cohabits with another, married or not, then their combined salary and assets are taken into account for maintenance charges from any ex partner and for his children. This is to prevent Gold Diggers moving from partner to partner.


Ex partners cannot move the children away from the non-resident parent and marital home more than 25 miles without that parent’s permission. Ideally the static parent should be the resident parent.


Should a person become a Litigant in person, then because of the oppressive atmosphere of a Courtroom, he/she should be able to have a ‘Friend’ act and speak for them. As approximately 90% of applications for divorce are from women, many men frequently are suffering a form of PTSD and are at a disadvantage for all the reasons set out in this Manifesto.


A complete re-assessment of CAFCASS on its ability to be fit for purpose. From the research that has been carried out, there are many instances of major differences in the quality of reporting standards by CAFCASS Officers and Social Workers.

  • People being interviewed by these officers should be able to record those interviews, that Safety Checks and detailed checks should be booked and witnesses allowed, as trust and faith is at rock bottom levels in the lack of Transparency and interrogation methods, and that their subsequent findings can be examined in a reasonable time prior to a hearing, and can be questioned in court, for veracity and accuracy.

  • Stop CAFCASS Officers from Telephone Interviews, and these interviews to be face to face and identified if you are 1st or 2nd in being questioned.


All Police force DV units and associated Social Services personnel to be trained in recognising and accepting that men can be victims in relationships. This training to be open and Gender Neutral and not given by organisations that have biased agendas.

(Note: It is recognised that around 70% of non-reciprocated violence is initiated by women.)


An obligation on Social Workers and CAFCASS Officers to declare on whether they are associated with and have been trained by the doctrines of Women’s Groups, when dealing with men, as this is a clash of interests and can be a case of Misconduct in Public Office.


Women who walk away do not get disproportionate assets and never more than 50/50. If a woman cannot support herself and the children with this settlement, based upon what she has contributed to the relationship, (frequently women contribute little or nothing to the house and its upkeep), then an opportunity should be given to the father and his support network to look after the children.


A No Fault Divorce, applied for within the 1st year, with what you brought into the marriage is what you take away. This will delay the arrival of children until a couple have a chance to understand one another.


There to be a presumption that a woman is capable of seeking employment after 1 year from the birth of their last joint child. After that, she is not entitled to any maintenance for herself. This to prevent the discriminatory perception of women being carers and of men being providers.

(Note: If either parent became a lone parent through accident, death or otherwise, then they would have to re-adjust their lifestyle expectations.)


Marriage to be renamed a Relationship Contract. With Terms and Conditions fully explained before signing the Contract of Partnership.


A Father’s name to be on Birth Certificates. Both parents to register the child, except in issues of delay due to ill health; mother, child or father.


Three strikes and a child is passed to the non–resident parent when Court Orders are breached, without having to go back to court for an Enforcement Order. Deliberate breaches of Orders should be treated urgently because of the impact on the times allocated in children’s lives. Reference Mr. Justice Coleridge.


We demand Judicial Reviews on cases where there have been miscarriages of justice dealing with Child Arrangements and Ancillary Relief. If the Government can do it for other miscarriages of justice, then they can do it for Family Court miscarriages going back at least 10 years. Sentencing a man to penury or suicide is not acceptable in a civilised country based upon unfounded allegations, or those that have been grossly exaggerated for financial gain, without other witness statements being forensically examined.













































































































































Assuming no provable risk to children, then a loving relationship with both parents should be paramount, who share all reasonable information with each other.


The resident parent status should not be decided upon by the gender of a parent. It should be decided upon what is the best holistic outcome for a child to give them the best birthright, in terms of family values, support mechanisms, security, care, plus their medical, emotional, wellbeing and educational development.