Publications & Sources

Book, Stand by your manhood, Peter Lloyd

Stand By Your Manhood

Peter Lloyd

Book, That Bitch, Roy Sheppard & Mary T Cleary

That Bitch - Protect Yourself Against Women with Malicious Intent

Roy Sheppard and Mary T Cleary

Book, Why Britain Hates Men, Swayne O'Pie

Why Britain Hates Men - Exposing Feminism

Swayne O'Pie

Book, The Manipulated Man, Esther Vilar

The Manipulated Man

Esther Vilar

Book, Father Figure, Ann Widdecombe

Father Figure

Ann Widdecombe

Book, Blackstones Statutes on Family Law 2015-2016, Mika Oldham

Blackstone's Statutes on Family Law 2015-2016

Mika Oldham

Deals with Family Law, but does not place much emphasis upon truth from the allegations, and you might as well forget Section 37 dealing with Contributions by spouse in money or money's worth to the improvement of property as set down in the Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Act 1970. In other words, whistle for your hard work. As usual, the Law as set down, has many attributes, but when men come up against liars in Court, the Judge works on a Balance of Probability which is generally stacked against men when faced by 'Experts' that you would not have wash your car!!

Book, Feminisn't, Janet Bloomfield

Feminisn't (A Collection of Blog Posts)

Janet Bloomfield

Book, Say Goodbye to Crazy, Dr Tara Palmatier & Paul Elam

Say Goodbye to Crazy - How to Get Rid of His Crazy Ex and Restore Sanity to Your Life

Dr Tara Palmatier and Paul Elam

Book, Feminism The Ugly Truth, Mike Buchanan

Feminism The Ugly Truth

Mike Buchanan

Book, Confessions of a Crouch End Pram Pusher, JJ Sharpe

Confessions of a Crouch End Pram Pusher (A Novel)

JJ Sharpe

Book, The Myth of Male Power, Dr Warren Farrell

The Myth of Male Power

Dr Warren Farrell

Book, The Marriage Delusion The Fraud of the Rings?, Mike Buchanan

The Marriage Delusion - The Fraud of The Rings?

Mike Buchanan

Book, Their Angry Creed, Herbert Purdy

Their Angry Creed - The Shocking History of Feminism, and How it is Destroying Our Way of Life

Herbert Purdy

Book, This Way to The Revolution, A Memoir, Erin Pizzey

This Way to The Revolution - A Memoir

Erin Pizzey