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To all that believe that our Divorce Laws have to change to give Fairness to Fathers, their Children and the paternal Family.

WHY are fathers not the primary carer/resident parent?

Between now and the end of July I promised that I shall visit around England, Scotland and Wales (Northern Ireland later). I am fulfilling that promise and shall be at the below locations:


Facilities allowing, we shall be as near as can to the towns of:

Maidenhead 15th April Friday (register interest by 7th April)

Chelmsford 16th April Saturday (register interest by 7th April)

Sevenoaks 29th April Friday (register interest by 23rd April)

Winchester 30th April Saturday (register interest by 23rd April)

Taunton 13th May Friday (register interest by 7th May)

Newport 14th May Saturday (register interest by 7th May)

Halesowen 27th May Friday (register interest by 21st May)

Nuneaton 28th May Saturday (register interest by 21st May)

Rhyl 10th June Friday (register interest by 4th June)

Lymm 11th June Saturday (register interest by 4th June)

Pontefract 24th June Friday (register interest by 18th June)

Washington 25th June Saturday (register interest by 18th June)

Falkirk 23rd July Saturday (register interest by 16th July)

These visits will be on a Friday or a Saturday Evening (Time 7pm – 10pm), one evening in each venue not two nights in one town. I have designated these areas to get the best population coverage in our various Regions.

Now I know that some fathers will have contact times with their children, and I cannot be in two places at once. I intend to identify a meeting place where around 20 plus people can gather and discuss action plans and what we stand for, and my commitment to roll this out on a national basis to seek change through peaceful means. I am currently seeking premises to run this campaign permanently in Bedford. So volunteers will be sought for when this happens.

Please contact me through the form on our website, so I can keep a record of proposed numbers. Please state which location you are closest to in the ‘Message’ section.

There will again be no charge to come and chat, but do have some thoughts on some Action Plans. Also what special knowledge skills you can offer in a complex Legal Environment. We shall have to focus on overcoming obstacles as time is precious. Individual cases can be discussed, time allowing. We are not here as a replacement or substitute for other support groups. Ours is a political agenda for all party support for change to our anti men, anti child and anti grandparents laws. The laws favour only one gender when divorces and separation take place, and that is dangerous to the well being of society.

Remember that there are many Hurdles that we have to overcome – MPs, House of Lords, Law Society, Ministry of Justice, Some sectors of the Media, and Pressure Groups that are against Fairness and Equality.

The success of this campaign rests entirely with those men and women who are determined that children, fathers and grandparents, plus those who love them, to stop them being treated like second class members of society.

YOU have to make some effort to stop other children, fathers and paternal extended families being abused into the future.

SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE and Thanks for your efforts.

#Suffragents #nationaltour

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