A Message from Suffragents

Message from Suffragents

Suffragents is not my only job, although it has seemed like it at times because I am so dedicated to righting the injustice I see every day. However, full time, I am a Managing Director of a company that employs over 600 people. It is also currently undergoing a huge reorganisation which means I have to take a far more practical role at a time where I thought I would be easing up a little.

Unfortunately this means I have to take a huge step back in terms of Suffragents and its progression going forward. Please make no mistake, I am not giving up in the slightest. I still care about all the people I have spoken too, connected with and those who follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for support. These pages will continue to be active and, in the rare event that I manage to get a few minutes spare, I will post statuses that I hope you will continue to read and comment on. It does mean, however, that I will not be able to write as frequently as I have or personally reply/read all of your comments and emails. I get literally hundreds and it is simply too much. I will reply to them but on a far more casual basis.

Make no mistake: I am not leaving Suffragents. Or abandoning its cause. I still believe that, with enough support, we can really make a difference. I have not given up and you shouldn’t too!

For support and information, visit www.suffragents.org.


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