What are South Wales Police Doing to Support Men?

Facebook Post South Wales Police - White Ribbon Day, Male Violence Against Women

ALL violence should not be tolerated, and that includes against men and children.


They talk about Specialist Training, but is that as directed by Respect, who are affiliated to Women's Aid and their beliefs are as supported by threats and bullying to make innocent men attend Anger Management courses and admit that they were abusers when frequently it is the woman who has been the abuser, particularly in cases of Coercive and Controlling Behaviour which is a criminal offence under the Serious Crimes Act 2015, a Gender Neutral Act but taken by Women's Aid as applicable to them mainly.


Men are too embarrassed to admit that they are subject to various types of abuse that are peculiar to women, and have very little Refuge spaces to escape with their children from an abusive partner.


Many a time, when a man contacts the Police, his partner says he is the abusive one and he is evicted, advised to leave the Family Home or incarcerated for arguing about the injustice because of outdated Attachment Theories concerning women and children. Therefore, the Law is not Gender Neutral. Unless you can prove differently!!


For the sake of abused husbands and kids, please Share. Do not suffer in silence because of threatening or bullying tactics.