Suffragents Clubs

As part of the continuing campaign to seek Justice for Fathers and Children in our Family Courts and changes to the Law, we are launching informal Suffragents Clubs throughout the UK.

An ideal opportunity for fathers and extended family/friends to interact on the best way to seek Justice for Fathers and their children. If there are mums out there who would benefit then please join.



  • To seek 50/50 Shared Parenting to be set as the default presumption.

  • No Fault Divorces to reduce acrimonious and costly legal battles.

  • To have the unique contribution of both parents in children's lives recognised.

  • To eliminate charges to Non Resident Parents using Contact Centres.

  • To seek a review on the sexist presumption that women are better carers than men.

  • A forensic examination is required if accused of ‘Unreasonable Behaviour'.

  • 'Beyond a reasonable doubt' to be the key for Justice, not a balance of probability.

  • To accept that children have UN rights to both parents.

  • To examine that both partners can work and follow the European model.

  • That a more realistic approach to Financial Arrangements is adopted.

Shared Parenting - Child with Parents


  • Each club to be locally lead.

  • I suggest 19.30 - 22.00 hrs in a local Hotel or other place for a social gathering, without loud music.

  • I suggest a maximum of 20 per club to allow opportunities for all to contribute.

  • At least two/three topics to be discussed, notes to follow.

  • A small donation of £1 to be collected and forwarded to one of these active Charities, each third month:
    Month 1 - Families Need Fathers - Both Parents Matter
    Month 2 - ManKind Initiative
    Month 3 - Dad's House
    In other words it will cost £1 per meeting for a good cause.

Opportunities for Pro-Bono Solicitors and McKenzie Friends to be asked to chat with members.

I should also wish that invitations are offered to outside 'Services' to show our inclusion to see if opinions are in the best interests of children.

These are not to be turned into secretive anti-woman events, rather that serious discussion takes place for the sake of Justice for kids.

Grandparents are welcome, as well as partners in second relationships.

Already people are expressing interest from Aberdeen to Plymouth. These will be your local gathering points to build a National Pressure Group seeking change.

Please respond to in order that I can fill the map with local opportunities. Can you also indicate your willingness or otherwise to lead an informal group and locate a suitable meeting place in your town.

We do not wish to take away from the admirable work that many groups offer but we feel that open and face to face interaction can give support to one another at this particularly stressful time where currently men are at a disadvantage in being treated fairly and it will be the children, our next generation, that will suffer.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to the development of this next stage as promised in our quest for Equality.

The map below shows the general areas that we have already received interest in. Over the next few weeks, we'll be developing on this information, and adding new locations, so please keep on letting us know your interest, and where you are located.

LOCATIONS FOR SUFFRAGENTS CLUBS (Listed in alphabetical order)