News Story - Potton Engineer Hanged Himself

There was an article in the Bedfordshire on Sunday that refers to a man who committed suicide and had a marriage breakdown, and the coroner put the suicide down to 'Too much Stress and drinking too much'. How much did the Coroner really understand about how a man feels when his marriage breaks down? Obviously, I am not party to any information about this Engineer's relationship or whether he had any kids, but the matter should have been investigated more thoroughly. 4,700 men gave up on life in the last year of records, and that is too many. There is an All Party Political Group, chaired by Madeleine Moon, looking into Suicide and Self-harm. I have written to her with my concerns about the alleged Gender Neutral considerations of the Secret Family Courts and I await her response. Too many of our commentators talk about lies being told, CAFCASS officers changing their reports to paint men in a bad light, and then the question that all men ask ...  ‘Why can’t the Ex not go back to work and I shall be a stay-at-home Dad?’ After all, the Equalities Act 2010 is there to stop this silly type of discrimination. A man can be a widower and bring up his kids, so why not a divorced man?


Suicide Note

Alex Virii: "The VAST majority of men who are kept apart from their families are there because their ex partners lied. The ex-partner benefits in many ways: Financial - she gets the house, she gets CSA, she gets all the state funding and doesn't have to get a job. Emotional - she satisfies HER needs for revenge, power and control. She ensures the children are her property under her control and that they won’t love a man she dislikes. She protects her bubble and ensures only her version of events is heard by the kids. She inflicts pain on her ex, and many derive pleasure from that. It often coincides with him having a new partner and or child. How dare he be happy without her? In some cases it is just easier for her not to have to see him again because it upsets her. It is very very rarely because it’s best for the kids it is nearly always because the woman is immature, vengeful and narcissistic. I don’t totally blame women who do this, the entire system and all involved in it encourage it, from legal aid to social workers."


Donna Higgins: "I don't know why... really ... because I do not know his circumstances ... but I do think that men are excluded from their families in lots of ways ... and for some its choice because they can get esteem from society ... and for some it is for the safety of their families … and for some it is because they are forced, from society and the legal system, into view that is outside of what is humane."


Sandra Stocks: "Thank God my son isn't likely to commit suicide, but I know he and myself and husband are at the end of our tether with lies my son's ex is coming out with, she is manipulating our grandson to lie to police and social services about different things, she has abducted the children in the past, lied to police and social services in Scotland and now in England ignores court orders and nothing is ever done. I am sick of women who do this, and the harm that she is perpetrating on my grandchildren. Need any help get in touch."


Suzanne Llewellyn: "Sadly there is no one out there to listen to men/women who are going through mental trauma. Money is short and no one cares. That’s the way of the UK anyway. RIP"


Garry Sonof Garry: "As a suicide survivor I can tell you a political party won't help ... This is not a political thing nor is it a social thing ... Sometimes the world is dark and our brains are even darker ... It took a friend who didn't mean that much to me at the time to show me the world as others see it ... That friend saved my life as I failed and had every intention of doing it in a way I couldn't fail ... Show people light and lead them from darkness is the only way to combat this ... Yours sincerely a man who's jumped from the edge and was saved by people not governments."


Diana Heywood: "It should be about what is best for the child but this is not always the case. There are too many people telling too many lies and being listened to!!!!! The children are too often the last consideration."


Amanda Jane Collins: "Why are you assuming 'the ex' doesn’t work also? It’s about what’s best for the child not about gender equality surely?"