Suffragents Believes in the Following...

No one should be abused, either mentally or physically, coerced or controlled.

We seek and will get parity and recognition in the courts via changes in the law to protect men and their children from malicious allegations.

We seek a mature review of the country's CAFCASS Officers and an Ombudsman because of the lack of trust in the Organisation.

We seek and shall get Male focussed training for Social Workers.

We seek and shall get Parity that men can be house husbands and house fathers.

There should be a presumption that the correct holistic approach should be adopted in Child Arrangements, with the best interests of the child being paramount, and not a default to mothers being superior to fathers.

We seek and shall get Equal Rights for fathers and grandparents, in recognition that society should be a beneficiary in Divorce Settlements.

That Human Rights cannot be ignored in Secret Family Courts.

That Accusations by either spouse are fully investigated by a Gender Neutral person, who has to have impeccable qualifications.

That Parental Alienation is not acceptable.

That punitive action has to be taken against parents who break Contact Orders, otherewise the courts are being held in contempt by the offender and further breaks down respect within the community.

That the influence of Social Workers is reduced in Family Courts.

We believe that Due Diligence should be carried out by both parties before getting married.

That a family group should be applauded in society, and not a matter to be lightly entered into and lightly broken up. Time should be spent trying to help families not destroy them.


Further information is available in Our Manifesto for Change.